Wow this is a tough one. What is this blog or me about? Let’s start with the blog aspect. I love to write, which makes sense to me because as a child I was always making up stories. Now as an adult I can express myself with the written word.

Starting a blog can be fun, that is if you just don’t take yourself to seriously, unless you are writing a technical or medical blog. I started out blogging for an online magainze that didn’t pay a penny. The magazine took a different direction and now only have bloggers who have years of experience which I don’t have. But, after about a year, I figured heck if I can write iPhone and iPad application reviews why can’t I do that for myself.

 Wanting to branch out I decided to do some  posts about this and about that, you know just “stuff”.  Well, that is now morphed into a blog about Senior Citizens and computer.  So,here I am trying my best to write something of interest and I hope you enjoy it.  If you have any ideas to help the seniors out there please leave a comment.