I received a phone call today from a neighbor inviting my husband and myself to have a get together by the community pool. Than about an hour later another neighbor called and told me that she received a phone call asking her to call me to invite us to the get together. Ok so the thing was both my husband and me rather not socialize with the community. But, being we received two invites we decided to go. Bring something to eat was a more or less requirement. I asked who was going and I was told two other couples. One lady whom I really really dislike was going but when I mentioned this to the neighbor she said well you don’t have to take to her. Good advice I thought so off we went with food in hand.

Lo and behold even before I sat down I was ready to leave. No only there the other couples there but at least 24 other people were there. Deciding sinc we were invited I’d stay a little and chit chat. One woman whom I didn’t know asked “I’ve never seen you before, are you new?” and than added “I lived on Such and Such street”. Such and Such street has large homes. She made it known right off she lived in the bigger homes in the community.

I’m sick and tired of the BS with people.  They are plain nosy and annoying, who gives a rats ass where I live or how long I’ve lived here.   During the whole hour we were there this woman just starred at me – ANNOYING!!