Having chronic hives is no fun at all.  You never know when the little buggers will show up. As for me, well, yeah I have chronic hives.  Had all the allergy testing done and seems that the hives are more environmental. Also, been in the ER several times for the throat swelling up big time.  Did the  Epi-Pen thing along with Prednisone, didn’t help all that much.   However, it did slow down the swelling.

The ER doctor said she thought it might be an autoimmune problem and took several viles of blood and sent them off to someplace in Utah.  Came back NEGATIVE!!!! Now what?

I can walk out my door and in an instant have a lump on the sole of my foot. I  can be watching a TV show and my face blows up.  I can be doing absolutely nothing but sitting on the couch and my throat swells.   My friend thinks it is stress related and when I told the doctor he said could be.  HUH?? Could be anything, simple as touching something, or eating something.