Well, where do I start with this one. The repeated questions, can at one point, drive any sane person up the wall. Example would be, as in my case, when is my next time for my pill? This is right after he took one.

I posted the below on an Alzheimer’s website responding to a lady who might have to give up her dog she has for 8 years. She might move into a complex that does not allow dogs. She is caring for her Alzheimer’s husband.

I would keep the dog, find a place that allows pets.  Giving up the dog would cause more heartache for you.  This is a very stressful time so making decisions are even harder.  Think about it, listen to your advisor but they can only see one side. You can see what the dog  means to you and your husband.  Let your heart lead to the right decision.  

I am facing a similar situation. I know I wouldn’t be able to care for my spouse so when the time comes I would have to look into a Memory Care Facility.  However, I wouldn’t  be able to stay where I live now money wise   Thinking of the future, I might be better off moving now to a non 55+ community. Here we pay a monthly fee.   Family said  not a good idea because it would be unfamiliar territory to my husband. At this point he is aware of his surroundings but I have to consider what I have to do for myself in the future. 

I have noticed that most articles and books more or less list this and that about talking car of the Alzheimer’s hubby, wife etc.  are there any books on how the Caregiver should take care of themselves?  What a Caregiver can do to take the stress of washing, cleaning and monitoring meds and so on?   Ok we alol can walk away but that isn’t much of a solution because the time would be minimal at least.  Hire someone?  Cost would be rather high to handle on Social Security.  Rely on a family member? Isn’t that putting stress and they feel obligated to do your job.  That harbors resentment.  Just venting.