OK Let’s chat about the lack of sleep. Spouse wakes me up at 1:21 AM to ask me why the bedside alarm is reading military time. I said I have no idea, I will fix it in the morning. The response was it is 6PM now. Wow no it isn’t, the time is 1:30AM now, the middle of the night. Somehow, the spouse figured out how to change the military time back to regular time. The night before he had no idea how to do it. The lack of sleep is getting to me. I go back into a not so restful sleep around 9 am and get up at noon. This throws off my body clock.

Another problem is drinking. It is hard to change myself.   My personality and his never really mixed too well.  He was and still might go back to drinking heavily. You see he was falling down in the house most nights dead drunk.  Verbal abuse was sometimes used towards me.  My heart never can’t forgive the nights I stayed up cleaning up the bathroom because he could control his bowels when he was drunk.  He would sleep on the floor and I would cover him with a blanket and watch over him all night.  He had the police here twice because he would star fights with the neighbors.  Arrested once but was released.  Battery on a police officer no less. Charges were dropped because the office decided not to press charges.

So now I am hit with the alzheimers and my days of taking care of him are slowly taking a toll on me m