The constant bickering is now turning into full-fledged fighting.  I tape shows that I love to watch but my husand will only watch the news. He has several recorded news shows.  He said my shows dominate the recorded ones. I explained that I tape them then after watching them delete just as he does with the news shows.   I lost it and said I live here too and it is my TV also and I am entitled to watch them. Well, it ended up in a all out screaming  match and foul language.  

He was diagnosed with mild Mixed Dementia in September.  But, his behavior is getting worse and I don’t know how much more I can tolerate.  I already stopped recording some of the shows so now I deleted and will not record any more.  I am living in hostile atmosphere here, unable to relax. My nerves are frazzled to the core.

Has anyone encountered this where the house no longer belongs  to you and you have to do whatever the spouse wants because he/she has dementia/Alzheimers? How do you handle it when you try to do whatever it is to please the person but it still isn’t good enough due to the illness?