Golden Age Continued

These are made up names but the stories are true as I see them. We all have seen and heard these people.

Mary asked Harry to remember where he parked the car. Harry said “ok, remember I put the fake pink roses on the
antenna that you got at the Dollar Store.” Ok Mary said shaking her head knowing the old geezer would forget.

Off to the supermarket they shuffled. Henry knows better then to talk to Mary when she is getting out her over stuffed handbag full of coupons. Mary heads toward the aisles with coupons in hand. Henry hiking up his trousers and pushing the cart in back her her is bored so he starts to pick this and that up. Mary gives him a look and says “Henry I don’t have a coupon for that, put it back”. Dutifully Henry obeys. The cart is full of coupons items only. Henry picks up a jar of baby food and turns to Mary shaking his head, “why are you buying babyfood?”. His wife of 56 years turns beat red and says “fool, it is for you since you keep forgetting to put your teeth in.”

Off to the checkout they go, trying to barge their way in the 10 itmes only lane. But, they are soon discouraged by a woman who points to the sign above their head “10 Items Only”.

After checkout, Mary looks at Henry and gives him that eye that he knows all too well. Henry smiles and heads towards the car with the plastic pink roses. Tries the key in the door and it does not work. Both look around and there are several cars, all the same color all with pink plastic roses.

The Golden Years
Now mind you not all us of the so-called Golden Age are like this but we are pretty darn close to it. These are the facts as I see them.

Lets take a journey to the mall shall we. First off, you (not me but “you”, yes and you know who you are) put on your best duds to take the outing to the mall. Your best Sunday outfit consists of a pair of pale blue polyester pants with the stretch was its band, the overly washed flowered red shirt that, well, might have a few tiny stains and your black orthopedic shoes.

Your hubby has on his blue polyester pants that are hiked up to under your arm pits (at this age you really like dressing like twins for some reason) with the white belt, blue polyester shirt with a breast pocket stained with ink (who is really going to look) and your white socks and black orthopedic shoes.

Off to the mall you go in your 1989 Chevy because Chevy, according to you, makes the best lasting car and you are out to prove it. The wife walks ahead of her husband because he has learned over the years it doesn’t pay to take the lead as the man of the family, she is now wearing the pants. She marches 3 steps in front of you. She notices a ranger handsome man I maybe his 50′ looking at her. She tells herself “wow, I still got it”, then she glances in back of her following handsome’s line of sight. There behind her is. 38C with blond hair on it walking by. Your husband in the meantime is looking at your rump then looking at the 38C because both of you are in front of him. Now who do you think he is looking at? post is purely from a personal point of view. I am at THAT stage of my life where I can attest to the facts!

This is a spur of the moment post on old age.  I see that the trend lately is to treat the “old” person  out there in the real world like they ancient relics.  I have a tendency to get annoyed myself.  I am no spring Chickadee myself but in cyberland there is no age.  Yesterday while trying to drive down a isle, an “old” person was pushing her shopping cart towards me and had no intentions to move.

I had no choice but to stop the car or run her over.  She was totally oblivious to the fact that a car was in front of her.  The store clerk, around 20 years old, was walking along side her.  Being that she was directly in front of my car, he never said a word nor guided her any way.
I rolled down my car window and said “I don’t believe this”, the clerk shrugged his shoulders and the  “old ” person never glanced in my direction.  She missed scraping up my car by inches and if she had there would have been an issue. Now who do you think the would win?


Ran across this great article in the Bottom Line magazine in the Did you know section:

“Did you know that aging brains are more vulnerable to fraud? The anterior insula, an area of the brain that helps interpret the trustworthiness of people,does not function as efficiently in people over age 55 as it does in younger people. This may explain why older people are more likely to fall for financial scams.”

This study was done “by researchers at University of California, lost Angeles, published in Proceddingsmofmthe a national Academy of Sciences.”

it is amazing what the brain can and can not do as we age. I, personally, didn’t think that 55 the brain starts to deteriorate.

Does have have its limits? I personal think so with certain things. I know I can’t run around all day without feeling it. My bones ache a little more when it gets colder out. I can stay up all night and party like I use to then go to work on 3 hours of sleep. One alcoholic beverage puts me to sleep. I like my peace and quite where before noise didn’t bother me.

Wow, am I getting that old? Ok so here are some of the things I can still do. I can appreciate a beautiful sunset, enjoy the morning sunrise, listen to elevator music and find it relaxing. I can blog since there is no age limit with that. I can enjoy a good steak meal, when I was younger it fast foods because I couldn’t afford anything else.

I can enjoy my grandchildren all day then say bye bye when it is time to go home. I can call my sons and see what they are up to. If they have a problem we can discuss it but it is up to them to solve it. When they were younger, Dad and I have to solve it.

Old age does have its benefits but oh to be young again? I am not too sure about that anymore.

I noticed a slight change with family members and how they treat me. I was at a function with several family members and their friends and they all were in their 30’s. I was the oldest there. The friends were carefully polite when talking to me, treated me with respect and asked if I needed anything. My family members did the same thing but a little different like “hey maw need anything?” Although, I do understand the respect and concern by the others in the group,it did make me feel like my days are numbered. I really can’t understand why it did, it just did. I could go on analyze the reasoning behind my feeling but there is no real need to figured it out. As lo g as there is the respect and concern I am alright with it.

I have really blogged much lately and I think it has something to do with age. You lose enthusiasm for certain things in life. Being that I love to write, this student lack caught me by surprise. I never though that this would happen but unfortunately it did. So, now what do I blog for fun or because I have to?

Ok time for me to fess up, I’m gettin’ old, I say that with mixed trepidations. I use to clean my floors on my hands and knees, now I know there is no way. Once I get down there, I won’t be able to get up without help. My knees ache and my hands can’t hold anything heavy either. These old bones ain’t what they use to be!

My eating habits have changed, where I needed 3 meals a day, now I can only eat one. My stomach can’t hold much and besides ever hear of gas? I use to party all night and go to work the next day. Now I only party in my dreams and sleep until noon. My old bones ain’t what they use to be.

I could drive at night and have no vision problems, now the glare of the headlights are too much for my eyes. I can’t see without glasses and if I forget to say hi it’s because I can’t see you. My old bones ain’t what they use to be.

I repeat myself so don’t get mad,I use to remember things but now I don’t so don’t get mad. What has not changed is my love for the world and what I have accomplished during my years. They say the “golden years” are the best, no they are not because my old bones ain’t what they use to be.

I wear sweat pants! There I said it! I use to wear nice business suits and I traded them in for sweat pants and t-shirts.

I live in them now, walk the dogs in them, flop around the house in them, get the mail in them and yes even sleep in them. I am not particular about my color coordinating with the tops but heck who is looking. I am comfortable after all.

However, I do draw the line with going out in them to a restaurant or someone’s house , although I am temped at times. I thought of purchasing some fancy ones but only purchased one pair, black with rhinestones, to travel in. They are extremely presentable, not like my home sweats with the tiny holes in them, the little stains here and there. We all have at least a pair of well worn sweats in the closet that we refuse to part with.

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