I think we all have some issues with people, places and things. My issues are the rudeness of many older individuals.  The younger generation it is a genetic thing I think. They have no concept of reality, they go about their business like they are the only people in the world.  In a way I envy them because they tell it like it is.  They have no qualms about saying no without feeling any quilt.

The older generation feels quilt no matter what they do or say.  Now that comes from their parents generation.  The further the generations go back the more quilt.  Maybe I am wrong but my mother felt quilt is she said no to a neighbor for any reason, she felt quilt if she didn’t get that birthday  card out in time.  I gave up years ago sending out Christmas cards.  The cost was getting outrageous to say the least.  Do I feel guilty about it?  I sure do!!

People walk about looking worried, what about?   I have no idea but take a look around you when you are in a store or walking about town.   The older person has a frown while the younger ones look happy (more or less).   Is that habit? Is that guilt?  Who know but it is annoying isn’t I?