1. This may sound like an easy task but to some who are new to the computer, finding the on button isn’t easy. Each computer, be it laptop or desktop, has their own version of an on button. Some on buttons are located on the side while others are on the keyboard. On my own laptop, the button is recessed a little and takes a little effort to locate and push it in. It took me some time to realize that I didn’t have to turn the laptop on its side to turn it on. Look at the diagram that came with the computer because the key does not say ON

If you feel for the button gently most likely you will get familiar with how to use it. I know this sounds extremely simple but I did have a little issue with this myself. Make sure you actually the “SHUT DOWN” in the menu list because forcing it off by pushing the on button could damage the computer. You maybe also lose any programs you might have open. When you shut down using the menu if you have any programs opened you will get a message. It might say “do you want to shut down without saving?”. Just make sure you read that message. It is rather important because you could lose all your hard work.

2. Once the computer is on, the next step is figuring out how to setup a password. A password is something that you need to do to protect the unauthorized use of your laptop. Use a password that is not family or pet related. Most hackers gain password because you posted something on another webpage like the name of your grandkids, your children or your pets. Use something that you can remember or write it down in a safe place. However, do not put it in your computer, keep it separately. Use a capital letter(s) with number but not your birthday. An example is “Mary71945”, now take a guess at the birthday. If you said July 19, 1945 you guessed right. Use perhaps a town or state like “Pa145” makes no sense to you because you never been in Pennsylvania nor do the numbers 145 mean anything. If you are unsure on how to set up a password, the manufacturer will have a “help” section or you can always do a search using the words “how to set up a password” or something similar. Going to the manufactures’ website will also have a lot on information on it.

If you really have a problem, just do a google search and type in How to set up a password. You will see a lot of information popup so pick and choose the easiest one to understand. There are books that you can get called Dummies with different titles to suit what you are trying to achieve.